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Sense tryouts updates and news (Check Description)

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So the updates are:
1. We have a new logo
2. #sensetryout is the hashtag and we won't find the video otherwise
3. We do not have a current end date
4. We will recruit players along the way
5. I will judge videos on stream so that you can get helpful criticism

How to Join Sense-

Here is the written portion if the link does not work:

How to Join Sense:

If you are looking to join Sense, keep in mind that this is a serious commitment and that we expect for you to help the team succeed as much as possible. We want people who are dedicated to grow on YouTube, as well as make the call of duty community a better place. We do things like team montages, collabs with other teams, teach each other how to grow on different platforms, critique each other’s work to make them better, as well as play with each other and have fun. If you do not feel like this is for you, please do not try to grind for this team as it will only waste your time as well as ours. Thank you for participating and we hope to be in touch soon!

Steps into joining:
Make a video with the #SenseTryout so that we can find your video on YouTube
Join the discord and make yourself known with current Sense members
Meet all the expectations to give yourself the best chance
Wait for a decision by the Sense team

Post at least 2-3 times a week so that you can show your consistency.
Videos should at least be in 1080p but 1440 and higher are preferred.
Content creators must be unique. We do not want to see the same videos where the player just gets clips and there is music over it. We want to see originality and creativity that would get people to watch for that content (Editing uniqueness and channel distinctivity).
We expect that you have a good reputation in the call of duty community. If you are known for cheating or doing anything that promotes negativity towards our team or other people, we do not want you here.
We prefer people to hit recommended at least once to show that you know the ropes around YouTube. We will still recruit people who have not hit the algorithm but it will be harder for you to get in if other tryouts have better experience than you.

If you have any further questions, you can DM me (The 5th Seal) on discord. I will also tell you what you need to work on in order to improve your chances of joining. Do not hesitate to say anything because I do not get annoyed by a lot of DMs and I am very friendly ;).

Sense Discord-

Live on Twitch everyday: The_5th_seal

If you do not know already, I pray for people so if you have any prayer requests you can leave them in the comment section down below or message me on IG.
IG- The_5th_Seal
Twitter- @5thSeal
TikTok- @the5thseal

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