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Aries June 2019: Freeing Yourself To Get What You Want: Love & Money

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Hey there,
Thank you so much for checking out my channel.
It means a lot.
I pour my heart and soul into every video.
I've come a long way.
Honestly, I just want to share my experience with others in hopes that you may benefit from my own mistakes.
Maybe you won't even have to make them.
Maybe you just won't have to stay stuck as long as I have at different times in my life.
I'm a believer.
A believer that anything is possible and that anyone can change if they actually have a true desire to do so.
I am living proof.
I've been sober since July 10th,2001.
Something that continues to crack me up to this day, trust me I am the last one to have ever believed I could even make it a day.
Life has brought me to YouTube, which is funny, cause I am actually a super private person,
It's been put on my heart to share my experience through my videos though and well so that is what I am here doing.
Yes, I read tarot cards. It was very strange for me at first. Super awkward to go public too. I am what I am. I no longer hide who I am. I started following my heart a few years back after a series of many profound spiritual experiences. The profound effect it has had on my life and the way I respond to it has changed dramatically. Opened me to a whole new world of awarenesses, gifts and truths. I have always had but only recently started opening up and sharing with the world. I know sharing with you I am doing what I meant to. For everyday I share my truth and walk in it; I swear I can feel my heart breaking free of years and years of ignoring what it actually had to say.
It has taken me more courage than I ever knew I had and a willingness to look the fool many times. I mean that is how people are viewed when they dare to do what few do.
I'm here to tell you that if I can change and break free of chains that held me back and restricted me from experiencing life out of fear.
Anyone can.
I didn't do it alone and this of course did not happen overnight.
I had to dig deep and be willing to face truths about myself and take 100% of the blame for where I was/ am in my life. I have to do this always.
I am a believer that nothing in this world happens by mistake.
I am a believer that everything even the stuff that breaks your heart and hurts like hell are valuable opportunities to learn and grow as a human being.
I am a believer that we are ALL in this together, like NO MATTER WHAT.
That is why I'm willing to share my truth, whether it comes out during my card readings or just some little video I feel moved to make that day.
It is an honor a privilege to connect with you.
These aren't just words that I say.
I wish you every happiness for each and everyday.
All my love,

If you are interested in a personal reading or wish to just connect with me you can reach me at lelepetty10@gmail.com

I also have an Instagram account @lululisa10 where I do daily card readings and share more of my personal life.

If you resonate with my readings and videos and would be interested in contributing to my channel or buying me a drink...I am into S. Pellergrino Sparkling Water (in the glass bottle) or coffee...STRONG; either would be greatly appreciated and you can do so here:

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