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Sha Bussin Not Ya Cousin - Scam (IN-STUDIO PERFORMANCE)

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Meet Sha Bussin, Not ya Cousin. A Pisces, 90s baby hailing from the Westside of the Bronx. Sha is an independent, strong melodic rapper representing the Grape Gang. His music represents his intense emotion, alongside paranoias, that lead him to finding anyway to make the impossible possible.

His forthcoming project “THE BUSSIN TAPE” is about a young black male with limitless talent, while facing hardships and overcoming adversities. He touches on growth and learning experiences from his past and present situations. He never really finds free time as SHa is consistently working on his other crafts, engineering, writing, videography, graphic design, and video games keep him busy,

To Sha, “THE BUSSIN TAPE” is what a diamond in the dirt makes you visualize. He never had a chance to have someone In his life who he actually looked up to. His influence is not having common privilege as a black man in America. The death of his grandmother is what pushes him " I lost my grandma two years was the only one that believed in me, I vowed I would pay her back for the good that she showed me, I never got the chance to.

Sha Bussin Not Ya Cousin - Voss (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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