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New Fake Gurus Scam | Don't Buy Digital Marketing Course before Watching this

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New Fake Gurus Scam | Don't Buy Digital Marketing Course before Watching this

I want to talk about this new type of scam that has crept into the Digital Marketing industry. We had heard of Fake Digital Marketing Gurus before, but this has gone to the next level.
In this video, I speak about how fake digital marketing courses and social media marketing courses are being created for beginners and advanced audience. These courses are completely scammy and even the instructors in videos are fake.

If you want to learn digital marketing, you need to be vigilant and be aware of fake online gurus and choose the right mentor.

Disclaimer: The incident in the video is from my own encounters and isn't necessarily pointed at any individual or organization. There are some brilliant coaches out there, and on the flip side, there are some sub-par ones. It is the duty of the learners to choose the right one.


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