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If you haven't watched the Inspection video, please give it a watch as this video is a small follow up to it:

A month have passed since I published my first Inspection video exposing Kuro's Gang for conducting Cybercrimes within the SFM community. The document has reached out to many people while Kuro's Gang trying their best to damage control as much as possible behind the scene. This video will inform you about their pathetic attempts to hide and censor things on their end, clarify a few details I have glossed over in the Inspection video and a few update for the next Inspection episode.

P/S: The reason why the case of Gibus scamming RPG wasn't included in the first video was because the full story itself is involved in a lot of dramas instead of a straight forward cash grab like Kuro's scams. Evidence of Gibus scamming RPG will be explained in the future episode.

Kuro's Steam Profile (Perma Link):

RTB's ripped files and compiler script:

RTB's Nier Automata extraction script:

RTB's Jojo models ripping forum:

RTB's tweet reply about Jojo script:

Wayback Machine Archives:

Facepunch Forum - Jojo's Bizarre Adventures: Eyes of Heaven:

Steam Workshop - Kuro's Pyra and Mythra Ports:

Steam Workshop - Kuro's Battlefront EA Model Ports:

Steam Workshop - Kuro's Other Models That He Took Down To Free His "Limited Upload Space":

You can try the Wayback Machine here:

Paste these links in the search bar to see how hard was Kuro trying to change his identity:

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