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Death to Loot Boxes - Kinda Funny Games Daily 08.07.19

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Gary Whitta and Greg talk about Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox's new take on loot boxes, Ducktales disappearing, and more!

Time Stamps -
00:02:11 - Housekeeping
We’re going to the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto next week! August 16-18, Greg, Tim, and Andy will be hosting two panels a day in the Gaming Garage! kindafunny.com/events
Thank you to our Patreon Producers: Black Jack and Mohammed Mohammed
The Roper Report -
00:06:15 - Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony commit to disclose drop rates for loot boxes, Mekena Kelly @ The Verge
00:09:25 - Rocket League Dumps Loot Boxes
00:12:59 Best Friend Q. - The craziest story of this console generation has to be Rocket League, what with their release as free on PS+ and on Windows all the way back in July 2015. Since then, it has sold over 6 million units, has become a major eSports staple, and is continuously improved upon today by Psyonix. Now, they're removing lootboxes?! We have NEVER heard of this before in a multiplayer game! Could this be a sign that sales are dropping so they want to get good PR now and bump them up? Or is this just the continuation of the Cinderella story? Also, do you think other developers will take the same approach with lootboxes if they see this plan really take off?
- The Nano Biologist
00:21:00 - Death Stranding coming to PC? Sherif Saed @ VG247
00:22:29 Best Friend Q. - The official PS4 exclusives page has removed Death Stranding for it's page, this coming off the back of yesterdays new that about an "exclusive new look'" about the game is coming at GamesCom, makes it seem like maybe the "exclusive new look'" is that it's not "exclusive" anymore.
My Only question, "Does it matter? - Dapper Stephen With a PH
00:26:36 - DuckTales leaving Digital Storefronts
00:32:00 - Yukes and 2K Breakup, Andy Robinson @ VideoGameChronicle.com
00:36:32 - Borderlands Bump, RV @ GIB
00:40:05 - Out today
00:42:28 - HIMS
00:43:48 - RAYCON
Reader mail -
00:44:50 - Do you think this year's been a bit of a dud for game release - Stooge
00:49:40 - Do you think crunch will continue to be an issue in the industry? - David Scott
00:54:15 - Does Greg truly have a problem pronouncing any word not written in English (or sometimes written in English too) or is it just a part of the Greg Miller fun character? - Dark pilsen
00:59:05 - On KFGD, you guys talk about console games, PC games, and mobile games. What do you think about board games? - JBR
01:07:00 - Squad Up: Alex Russ (Zero Syndicate) twitter - @ZeroSyndicate
01:08:50 - REQUIRED READING: Video games do not cause violence – but makers do need to think about it
01:09:30 - You‘re Wrong
Tomorrow’s host: Greg and Andrea

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