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BitCNY Airdrop Scam Review. Is BitCNY Airdrop A Scam? #bitcnyfaq #ethereum #cryptocurrency

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What Is bitCNY
bitCNY is a stablecoin, and its price is connected to the Chinese Yuan fiat currency. bitCNY was previously available exclusively on BitShares and represents the amount of BTS equivalent to a Chinese Yuan. The bitCNY token was issued by OpenLedger ApS, a Danish-based company, famous for the number of crypto- and blockchain-related products and blockchain development services provided to enterprises globally.

OpenLedger developed an ERC20 bitCNY gateway, which is an interlink between any ERC20 coin and the CNY fiat currency. Thanks to this new project, users outside the BitShares blockchain can trade bitCNY on any platforms and get access to the price-stable coin on the crypto market. All the transactions can be traced with Etherscan..

To Join The Airdrop click the link below

Note: you must refer minimum of 5 members to the campaign

Contact me on WhatsApp if you need refferal.


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